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My family recognized the superiority of Tigercat Equipment at their first show in 1992. At that time, I was still using John Deere track equipment. I switched to Tigercat because of the rubber tires, big pins, and bushings. Ultimately, I have stayed with Tigercat due to the durability of the equipment and customer service offered by the Tigercat people.

Tigercat began in 1992 when a small group of professionals with extensive experience in all facets of the logging equipment industry teamed up with the Cambridge, Ontario fabrication company, MacDonald Steel.

MacDonald Steel owner and CEO Ken MacDonald envisioned the creation of a new company that would build upon MacDonald Steel’s fabricating expertise, a company that would design and manufacture purpose-built forestry equipment.

Focusing on the input and reactions of southeastern US loggers, Tigercat set out to design a technically superior alternative to current market leaders. The result was the 726 feller buncher, quickly recognized as a more durable, reliable machine capable of achieving greater production. The 726 also proved to deliver a longer useful life with significantly higher uptime than competing machines.

Tigercat offers a full line of forest harvesting systems and specialized machines for severe off-road conditions.  Learn More about Tigercat. Tell ‘em Bobby and Lori Goodson sent you.

The Types of Machines We Operate

tigercat-equipment-c640e-clambunk skidder

C640 Clambunk Skidder



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