Services, Equipment, and Wood Species

Goodson’s All Terrain Logging is the premier swamp logging operation in the Southeast. Our specialty is shovel logging, which is the most effective and environmentally sensitive way to remove valuable timber from swampy lands.


renewable-harvesting-drawingGoodson’s All Terrain Logging, Inc. is pleased to provide the following services:

  • Swamp Logging
  • Traditional Logging and Thinning
  • Road Construction
  • Land and Right-of-Way Clearing
  • Ditching
  • Thinning
  • Sale of Tupelo Bales for Wood Carving

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We Run Tigercat Equipment

We began running Tigercat equipment in 1997 because it is just a solid piece of equipment. Nothing else can handle the conditions and last as long. We’ve found Tigercat to be well built and regularly run each piece of equipment 30,000 hours. That’s a lot on dry ground; we work in wet conditions.

tigercat-stock-smlequipment 2tigercat shovelSwamp Logging Selects - 195SL Crew 0465services 5

Learn More about Tigercat Equipment

Wood Species we Encounter in Swamp Forests

Many parts of the South from Virginia to Texas are blessed with swamp forests. They contain many species of plants and animals. A swamp forest is wet much of the year and found in or near river marshes and bottomlands near a creek.

several tree species
The main tree species we are asked to bring out of those environments for conversion to products at the mill include the following:

  • bald cypress
  • water tupelo
  • black gum
  • water ash
  • water elm
  • red maple

We also encounter a lot of shrubs like Virginia willow and buttonbush. Oh and the vines are thick, including pepper-vine, greenbrier, honeysuckle and catbrier. Medicinal herbs are prevalent too such as false nettle and St. John’s-wort. We won’t go into the strange and vicious insects that greet us.



The Equipment We Use

  • Kenworth T800
  • 750 John Deere
  • 280 Samsung Excavator
  • 772 John Deere motor grader
  • Army dump truck
  • RD688 Mack and 4 W900 Kenworths

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