How Swamp Logger Reality Show Changed Our Lives

We will never forget the many people we met in person, through cards, by phone, and via social media. The many letters and cards remain in a box at our home. Someday we hope to share some of your stories right here.

Filming Swamp Loggers was an exciting and challenging time in our lives. With the addition of Swamp Loggers Fire Suppression Equipment, we are busier than ever. We hope to see many of you at upcoming events and shows.

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Warmest Regards,

Bobby and Lori Goodson


  1. I loved your show. I never missed an episode. Your family are exceptional people and you don’t care to share your faith. I really like that. Unfortunately there are not enough people like that on TV now days. Thank you for the experience of seeing you and the family of workers go about the job of logging and the good and bad times that go with it. I live in rural America and can appreciate the community ties. I just wanted to say thanks! Much appreciated!!!!

    Jack L. Upchurch DVM
    725 Allardt Highway
    Jamestown TN 38556

  2. good luck with your Fire supression venture ! and the web page is looking great ! All the very best Rob.

  3. I wish you the very best loved the show and loved when nextflix had it

  4. What happen to Dave Muller the loader man?

    • As most of you know, Dave is my brother, and his passion has always been cooking. He has a degree from Johnson & Wales, but when my dad became ill ten years ago, Dave moved back home
      and started working with us. He has recently started working with someone in the restaurant business with the hopes of it opening up doors, for him to do what he has always wanted to do.
      Dave has been back to cook for us in the woods, and it was as good as always!!
      We love and wish him much success!

      • I was just watching the episode tonight were Dave made chilled Cucumber soup and Bobby was pointing at things and saying “what’s that?” Spinach, “what’s that?” Lettuce (Dave being very patient), it made me laugh, it’s apparent that Bobby hasn’t experienced many salads! I really enjoyed your series, thank you all very much for sharing your families and daily lives with me.
        Best regards

  5. Miss y’all show enjoyed it Bobby is a great boss and deserves the respect he gets.

  6. What happened to bo bo and joy

  7. As a Estimator in the dirt business I loved your show! I never miss an episode even in reruns!
    God Bless!

  8. Didn’t realize how much I missed Swamp Loggers until I watched a past episode on tv today. Sure miss seeing Bobby, Justin, Dave, Sumitro, Bo, Joy and the rest of the crew! It would be awesome to bring the show back. But I understand and respect your decision. May God always bless you and yours richly!!! And here’s wishing you continued success.

    Jim Brittingham
    Moberly, MO

  9. Minnie Stroupe Hull

    I finished fruniture between jobs accompanied much in my life ,but nothing compared to a beautify finished piece of fruniture. I would love to have an opportunity to finish and own a piece of the wood from the show

  10. Is there any chance of an update show? 1 hour special maybe? Would be good to see everyone again.

  11. Jessica &Joe Smith

    We loved your show and watched every episode numerous times. We loved that there was a reality show that wasn’t filled with bleeps due to language. Your family stuck together and got the job done even when things got stressful!

    We wish that Swamp Loggers was still on!!

    Best wishes with your endeavors,
    The Smiths

  12. love your show and best of all everyone no matter color or age is included..
    its incredible the machinery thats used..
    The broken machines that you guys are able to fix on the spot is also an incredible feat
    keep up the great work

  13. Sadly moss your show
    I watch reruns to dampen the blow.
    All the best

  14. Sadly miss your show.
    Watch reruns to help now seeing new ones.
    All the best in your futures

  15. I enjoyed watching Swamp Loggers when it was on Discovery. It was a very good and real show. Are y’all planning on doing any videos in the future? It was a very real and relatable show on TV. I still watch clips when I find them. God bless

  16. Hello,

    sorry for my bad english , i hope you can understand it. I loved the show – i looked it every day on DMAX.Now my question: has goodson all terrain logging planed more episodes with the discovery channel? – and the second and important question you are all fit ( healthful)? – By the way i missed our fanshop =)
    god safe us

    Greets vom Germany

  17. My whole family loved watching the tv show, my younger boy who is 6 wanted to learn how to run the big equipment he says. I would love to come down and watch you guys operate in the swamp, i think its the coolest logging every.

  18. Hello,

    I look at this moment your adventures on TV in France!

    I just love it! I like being in your company, and I wake up at night hoping to do 100 loads;)

    Good luck to all!

  19. Hey to all of you, miss the show , ive been watching the ones over again on YouTube , just want to let you all know that i love that you really seem to put God first, and thats so awesome , hope that everyone is well , God Bless

  20. George O. Hawkins Sr.

    A big hello goes out to Bobby,Lori, and the whole family and crew. I loved watching your show and how close everyone is with each other. I worked in the woods many years and loved it. Bobby has the best people skills I have ever seen as a boss. But the truth of it all, is I felt and still do, a closeness to Bobby. I had a violent past do to alcohol. I gave my life to Jesus four years ago this past new years day. I live in Tn. and drive truck for a living. I would love to meet you all and shake Bobbys hand for being an inspiration to me. Would that be possible? Miss the show. Take care and god bless you all for your great faith. I am sure many lives have been changed for the better because of it and your testimonys will inspire many more.

  21. Really enjoyed your show, Mr. Bobby is an awesome example of God Fearing, hard worker. I can really appreciate how he takes care of his folks, would love to work for someone like him. He makes you wanna work! Good Bless y’all and I’ll always be a fan!


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