Behind the Scenes on the set of Swamp Loggers!

Behind the scenes with Swamp Loggers

The crew from Goodsons All Terrain Logging, Inc. can be seen on the Discovery Channel. New season begins April 23rd. Join our fan forum and share your thoughts!

Filming the new season of Swamp Loggers

On-site with the crew during a break in filming.

Bobby hard at work

While working on the repairs to the 635 Bogie, Bobby carefully maneuvers the equipment into place.

Doug and Justin

Watching as the equipment is moved so they can begin the repairs.

Repairing the 635 Bogie

Bobby inspects the 635 Bogie once the back tires have been removed.

Putting everything back in place.

Bobby, Justin and Doug work together to reassemble the 635 Bogie and complete the repairs.

At the Deck

Down at the deck, the crew continues loading the trucks to take to the Mill.

Off to the Mill

Keeping on track and on schedule, another completed truckload leaves for the Mill.

On the Other Side of the Camera

During a break in the action, Paul (Pilgrim Films) mugs for the camera with Bobby and Lori.

Swamp Modeling?

Not to be outdone, Dave also takes a minute to strike a pose for the cameras.

Out in the Swamp

Bobby provides a quick tour of the swamp in the 630 Skidder.

The Road?

Yes, this is what swamp loggers call a road.

The Tour Continues

Despite all the mud and trees, Bobby has no problem driving the 630 Skidder wherever he needs to go.

Outside the Tractor

Deep into the swamp, Bobby points out where Simitrio is hard at work in the 860 Fellerbuncher.


Bobby describes Simitrios work as: one of the hardest jobs we do out here.

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