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Fire Suppression Systems
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Cools, chokes, and suppresses
engine fires in seconds

Without Hazardous Chemicals!

uparalleled performance

Swamp Loggers Fire Suppression Equipment

Fire destroys a lot of valuable forestry equipment. We, like many loggers, have first-hand experience with equipment fires and the associated costs.

Logging is still our primary business, but we also want to promote safety and reduce costs for our fellow loggers.

We distribute, install and service high-performance, water mist, automatic fire suppression equipment manufactured by Fogmaker North America under our brand – Swamp Logger’s Fire Suppression.

Contact us today to learn more or for a demonstration of how this unique fire suppression system works.

The Swamp Logger Fire Suppression system is superior to conventional fire suppression systems.

  • Environmentally friendly – no HAZMAT (Biodegradable non-toxic AFFF foam)
  • Easy clean-up
  • Safe, non-toxic to occupants (no Halon or other dangerous gases)
  • Provides a longer duration discharge than powder systems
  • Quick and easy to install at any angle in any position
  • Electrical power not required for system activation
  • Automatic discharge with additional manual activation

How do water mist systems work?

Swamp Loggers Fire Suppression rapidly reduces heat from fires in seconds!


Water mist systems attack all three elements of fire: oxygen, heat, fuel. The process of wetting and cooling prevents re-flash and minimizes damage.

The Fogmaker system is easy to install and quickly detects and suppresses fires by way of thermoplastic tubing, which melts and activates the distribution system. A mist of micro water droplets is then spread within the protected area.

What are the benefits of water over powder in fire extinguishing?

It’s reliable, easy, and low-cost.

The Swamp Logger Fire Suppression equipment costs 60 percent less than a powder system (starting at approximately $5K), it does less damage to the equipment and is easy to install on skidders and other logging equipment.

It mitigates losses in terms of equipment replacement as well as the down time associated.

This technology is thirty-years-old and common in Europe. The UL certification took many years to acquire, but there’s no other water system out there with the UL rating.

Powder systems require electricity. Batteries often must be replaced. There’s no power involved with the Swamp Logger’s system.

Swamp Loggers Fire Suppression…
the only system that attacks all three components of the fire triangle


1. Heat: In the evaporation process, the water mist cools the burnt gases and hot parts in the engine compartment. This is 540 times more effective than water. The effective cooling contributes to a rapid fire suppression and reduces the risk of reignition.

2. Oxygen: During evaporation the small water drops evaporate immediately upon contact with heat. In the evaporation, 1 liter of water forms 1700 liters of water vapor. The vapor increases the water content of the air, supported with an AFFF foam agent, which prevents a new supply of oxygen to the fire.

3. Fuel: The water mist also includes an addition of foam that blankets the fuel on flammable oil products to prevent restarts.



  • Cooling and choking water mist
  • Environmentally friendly/ biodegradable non-toxic AFFF foam
  • Rapid suppression
  • PED 97/23/EG Compliant
  • Low service and reduced life cycle cost
  • Patented high-pressure technology
  • Frost protected water mist solution
  • Easy clean-up after a fire
  • Anodized cylinder for corrosion protection 150 Gordon Drive, Exton, PA 19341
  • Harmless to people, machines and the environment
  • DOT Compliant
  • Transport Canada Approved
  • UL Certified
  • Approved by FIA, (97-001), The International Motor Sport Association
  • More than 100,000 reliable systemsinstalled since 1995
  • Safe to use in battery compartments

How does Swamp Logger’s Fire Suppression systems impact my insurance premiums?

American Logger’s Insurance is a nationwide insurance program offering affordable coverage in the Logging and Forestry industries and is distributed by Santee Risk Managers LLC through local insurance agents. Lloyd’ s provides the coverage for the equipment division of the American Logger’s Insurance Program.

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The #1 most preventable cause of timber harvesting equipment losses is fire. This is why the American Loggers Insurance Program requires installation of Automatic Fire Suppression System and Manual Loaded Stream with regular maintenance. In using these two fire prevention mechanisms with ongoing upkeep, it has been proven that equipment can be saved, production loss minimized and, ultimately, cost savings guaranteed for both the carrier and the insured.

Swamp Loggers Fire Suppression is the source for these installation requirements throughout the U.S., excluding the Northeast.

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