About Us

As our home page states, Goodson's All Terrain Logging, Inc. (ATL) is a family owned and operated business located in Jacksonville, NC. Fourth-generation logger, Bobby T. Goodson, has been a timber supplier for over 20 years, providing hardwood and pulpwood for corporate package companies. Approximately 12 years ago, he began using the shovel method of logging and realized he'd found his niche.

The highly-skilled, hard working men and women who make up the ATL crew are happy to tackle the daily challenges that come with the dirty job of "swamp logging." Despite the seemingly impassable terrain, their heavy-duty equipment allows them to collect, load and distribute the massive trees found in these desolate areas. On average, they are able to yield 92 truckloads of wood per week to the nearby paper mills. Although the work is demanding and often dangerous, the crew still enjoys what they do. Their day-to-day efforts can now be seen on the Discovery Channel's hit reality show, "Swamp Loggers."

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A Family Tradition

Logging is an integral part of the Goodson family history and has been passed from generation to generation. Bobby's grandfather, T.R. Goodson began logging decades ago in Florida, South Carolina and Virginia, before finally settling in Jacksonville in 1954. Bobby's father, Marvin "Bobby" Goodson, also logged for 27 years, passing on both the love of logging and the importance of hard work to Bobby and his brother Michael. Bobby, a charter member of the North Carolina Association of Professional Loggers, currently works alongside his son Justin, and hopes that one day Justin will eventually pass the tradition on to his own sons.

Bobby and his beautiful wife Lori have 2 children: Justin and Brittany, and 4 grandchildren: Gavin, Garrett, Emma and Abigail, and a new granddaughter, Addison, due in June, 2010. As a family-man and businessman, Bobby's motto has always been:

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart... and He will direct your path." Proverbs 3:5-6

Our Crew

The ATL crew is a very tight-knit group who have worked together for many years and includes:
Bobby Goodson, Owner
Justin Goodson, Foreman & Owner of Justin Goodson Transport
Lori Goodson, Office Manager/Secretary
Kim McGowan, Bookkeeper
Ervin Blake, Truck Driver
Gary Foy, Truck Driver
Greg Foy, Truck Driver
Durley Hicks Jr., Tractor Driver
Milton "Bo" Malpass (a.k.a. HotRod), Truck Driver
Oscar Miller, Trailer Spotter
David Mueller, Loader Operator
Joseph Nagy, Truck Driver
Abraham Ortiz, Tractor Driver
Antonio Parra-Montoya, Tractor Driver
J. Bartolome Ruiz, Tractor Operator
Simitrio Ruiz, Tractor Operator
Wayne Sowers, Truck Driver
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Our Equipment

Our machines include: two ’01 Bogie Axle 635 Grapple Skidders; a ’98 Clambunk 630 Skidder; a ’00 245 Track Loader; a ’03 250 Track Loader; a ’01 860 Feller-Buncher and a ’03 860 Shovel. In addition, we have two CTR Ground Saws and a backup ’98 model 630 Skidder. Our company trucks include a ’95 Mack and two ’07 Kenworth W900s, along with three Kenworths from Justin Goodson Transport which also haul for the company.

Logging Gone Green?

With their multi-generational history in the logging industry, the Goodson family and crew has not only developed a true love of logging, but also a deep respect for the land. As the world-wide emphasis on protecting our environment (i.e., "going green") continues to increase, many people have openly criticized the logging and timber industry. Goodson's ATL is proud to be years ahead of the curve. Unlike other traditional logging practices, the shovel method of logging used by ATL involves the creation of a mat of cut timber which becomes the "road" by which the loggers can access the trees and transport them out of the forest. As a result, there is significantly less ground disturbance and the trees are able regenerate within just a few years.

While there are some critics who may never be satisified, ATL feels it is important to note how necessary this industry is to our daily lives. As Bobby says, "They use it to make Hallmark cards and fluff for diapers... There’s so many things that wood is used for that you wouldn’t think about, like chewing gum and medicine." As further technological/ecological advances are made in the logging industry, you can be assured that ATL will be there too!

Contact Us

For questions or comments about ATL, we encourage you to use our Fan Forum. However, for other inquiries, we can be reached at:

Goodson's All Terrain Logging, Inc.
173 Goodson Trail
Jacksonville, NC 28546

Phone: 910-478-0881
Fax: 910-347-6471
email: info@goodsonsallterrainlogginginc.com