About Us

Vision and Mission

Goodson’s All Terrain Logging, Inc. serves the logging, road building, and land clearing needs of our corporate partners and the fire safety equipment demands of our fellow operators throughout the Southeast. We excel in everything we do because of a willingness to go where no other company goes and a commitment to integrity and excellence.

Exceptional Experience, Expertise, and Equipment

“There’s over 5,000 known products made of wood from diapers to cancer treating medicines. We are proud to be a small link in a chain that reaches across the globe to serve people.”

-Bobby T. Goodson, Goodson’s ATL

Who We Are

shovel log roadGoodson’s All Terrain Logging, Inc. (ATL) is a family owned and operated business established in 1986, located in Jacksonville, NC. We bring nature’s bounty in the form of tupelo, black gum, ash, and cypress out of North Carolina’s rich swamp forests. We are swamp loggers.

Our commitment to being the best has led to a specialized form of extraction called “shovel logging.”

Shovel logging is the most environmentally sensitive and effective means of harvesting trees that provide the raw materials the manufacturers we serve utilize to make the products we all use daily.

In addition, we distribute and service water mist fire suppression systems that offer extraordinary safety to heavy equipment.

A Family Tradition

Bobby GoodsonLogging, integrity, and faith in the Lord are integral parts of the Goodson family history. Bobby’s grandfather, T.R. Goodson logged for decades in Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia, before finally settling in Jacksonville in 1954. Bobby’s father, Marvin “Bobby” Goodson, also logged for 27 years, passing on both the love of logging and the importance of hard work to Bobby and his brother Michael.

As a fourth-generation logger, Bobby began working in the woods at age 11 for his father. He went to Chowan College and received a degree in graphic communications, but the woods carried a stronger call. He went back to work for his father before forming ATL in 1986. Ten years later, he began making a name for himself in the North Carolina swamps using the unique, environmentally preferable shovel logging technique.

bobby and lori goodsonLori Mueller and Bobby met in the 8th grade. The rest is history. Bobby and his beautiful wife Lori have two children: Justin and Brittany. Seven grandchildren have rounded out the Goodson family in recent years: Lincoln, Gidion, Gavin, Garrett, Emma, Abigail, and Addison.

Bobby, a charter member of the Carolina Logging Association, works alongside his son Justin who is carrying on the family tradition and will pass the Goodson legacy on to his sons. The Goodsons proudly employ 17 people full-time. Justin Goodson owns his own log trucking company.

Logging Done Right – Our Beliefs and Work Ethic

With a multi-generational history in the logging industry, the Goodson family, and crew, has not only developed a true love of logging but also a deep respect for the land. Many people have openly criticized the logging and forest products industry.

crane operatorGoodson’s ATL has always utilized best practices in their operations. With the advent of the shovel method of logging, we raised the bar even higher on environmentally sensitive logging. Shovel logging creates a mat of cut timber on the ground. This mat becomes the “road” we use to access trees and transport them out of the forest. As a result, there is significantly less ground disturbance, and tree regeneration occurs within just a few years.

While there are some critics who may never be satisfied, we know the important role forestry and forest products play in the lives of people all over the world, from jobs and economic stability to the literally 5,000 plus products from Hallmark cards and diapers to chewing gum and medicine.

As technological and ecological advances expand in our industry, we will embrace them.

Our Crew

swamp loggers crew

Our crew is made up of highly skilled, hard-working men and women who share a commitment to get the job done right. We are a very tight-knit group with many years of experience working side-by-side in demanding and often dangerous conditions.

Bobby T. Goodson, Owner
Lori Goodson, Co-Owner ATL and Manager of Swamp Logger’s Fire Suppression
Leon Brown, Tractor Driver
Gary Foy, Truck Driver
Greg Foy, Truck Driver
Terrell Harris, Truck Driver
Durley Hicks Jr., Tractor Driver
Greg Jenkins, Tractor Driver
Kim McGowan, Bookkeeper
Joseph Nagy, Truck Driver
Abraham Ortiz, Track Trimmer, Load Spotter
Antonio Parra-Montoya, Loader Operator
Steve Robinson, Mechanic
Wayne Sowers, Truck Driver

Justin Goodson, Foreman, Owner of Justin Goodson Transport Incl, and Loader Operator

Justin Goodson

Justin Goodson has five generations of logging pumping through his veins and is his dad’s right-hand man. Born in 1980 in Jacksonville, N.C., to Bobby and Lori Goodson, Justin is Bobby’s eldest and only son. When asked how long he has been a logger, Justin will tell you, “my entire life.” Justin started working summers for his father at the age of 12. After high school, Justin enrolled at Coastal Carolina Community College, where he got a degree in diesel mechanics, a much-needed skill when Justin started working for his father full time at age 18.

Growing up in a logging family has its advantages: Justin can run and repair every piece of equipment Bobby owns. Justin tells us that if he weren’t a logger, he would have gotten into law enforcement. But logging is what he does and does well. Justin has two sons and a daughter with his wife, Bethany. He hopes that the industry can hold up so that his boys can someday take over the family business.

Simitrio Ruiz, Tractor Operator

Simitrio RuizA native of Mexico, Simitrio was born in 1966 in a village so small that it doesn’t even have a name. The closest town, Espíritu Santo (Holy Spirit), is a two-hour walk away. As a teenager, Simitrio worked the local mines in his area. But after his cousin invited him to the United States to work, he quit his job in Mexico and started working the tobacco fields of North Carolina. When the season finished, the other workers went on to Florida for work. Simitrio stayed in North Carolina, and in 1987, he took a job with Bobby’s father and started working in the woods alongside Bobby. The two became instant friends, and when Bobby started his own logging company in 1989, Simitrio joined his crew. When Bobby bought his first feller buncher in 1992, Simitrio started operating it and has been stumping ever since.

When he’s not running the most important piece of equipment in Bobby’s arsenal, Simitrio is a husband and proud father of four. Along with his wife, Dawn, he plays a very active role in his church, from leading the Spanish-language services to helping run the prison ministry program.


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